Thank You

Janet, Sam, Lucas & Mason

“Merci du fond du coeur” for letting me be part of your visit of Barcelona, as a family.

You have really touched my heart by your story , your love and your closeness. And I have really enjoyed spending these  hours with you all, walking in the old ‘bario’ of Barcelona.

I am so happy to be able to present you today the slideshow and the gallery of your session. I hope that these images will extend this family adventure a little longer and offer you unforgettable memories for the years to come. Family memories are so precious!

You can watch the slideshow of your session above. 

And you will find below the access button to your full gallery on Pic-time

You can download the photos all together or individually in high resolution or low resolution (for facebook or Instagram pages)

( If you do take your files to a printer , please make sure that the lab doesn’t apply any automatic correction (sometimes, you need to make sure that you check a box to remove this correction. As the photos have been edited by me in Lightroom, any automatic correction applied on the top will result in incorrect skin tones)